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What is dvipdfm?

Dvipdfm is a DVI to PDF translator. Its features include:

dvipdfm was developed by Mark A. Wicks



Sample PDF Output from dvipdfm

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Note: Since DVIPDFM is now part of every major TeX distribution, DVIPDFM distributions are now intended only for TeX distribution maintainers and not end users. For this reason, all future updates are source code only.

Linux binary distributions

Note: To avoid conflicts, the RPM files do not upgrade dvipdfm.def. If you have an old installation of LaTeX, you may eed to copy dvipdfm.def from the doc directory into your LaTeX tree.

Windows Version

Note: To use dvipdfm you will want PostScript Type 1 binary versions of any fonts you normally use (unless you enjoy crappy output). If you have a major TeX distribution, you probably already have these.) As a minimum, you will want PostScript Versions of the Computer Modern Roman fonts, which are available from the AMS via the following link.

Note: If you typeset a lot of mathematics and use the AMS fonts (Euler, etc), you also need PostScript Type 1 binary versions of these fonts:

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